Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It had been getting brighter so subtly that he hadn't recognized the light until he opened his eyes again, and saw the fingers of the sun already reaching across the sky. He willed himself to keep looking, and then in a moment there appeared an orb of ichor on the horizon, dripping gold and red and purple onto the earth below, rising swiftly so that he could almost mark its passage as it climbed. The landscape before him seemed to open to its vitality, drinking in the liquid of life and blossoming into a thousand colors. His skin, too, came alive: the blue-white chill of the morning rapidly turning into a rosy blush.

He looked heavenward, and saw his nighttime guides waving and fading goodbye, until at last even the moon gave him over to the water flashing in the distance, to the trees bending upwards, and to the cliffs shimmering underfoot in red and gray.

- Selections from Songs at Daybreak (Ju'zi's Song)

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