Sunday, April 17, 2011

Race to the Finish

It's the last sprint to the end now: 7 pages before 8 am this morning, two more finals, 30 page portfolio to finish and turn in, and then an Honors Thesis proposal to write and turn in.
Then, I move out of my apartment, and then it's one week to write the final Honors Thesis and half of an independent study course.
Then eight weeks of the equivalent of 22 credits (11, during the spring term) plus two independent study courses. Free Fridays are for finishing the first correspondence course and then starting and finishing another. Six finals, and then I fly to Europe for a whirlwind two-week tour. If I have any stamina left, then it will be eight weeks in Cambridge, writing 25-50 pages a week.

Then, THEN, I will be graduated; I will be able to sleep, to rest, to renew.

And then I start applying to grad school.

Don't get me wrong: this will be an intensely joyous and happy time. It will also be intensely difficult. This is my refiner's fire; an academic and spiritual fuller's soap. I can't get through this without a lot of divine help, which is what has enabled me to write 25 pages in the past five days, and which is what will enable me to finish the additional 37 I need to turn in during the upcoming five.

So: I apologize in advance for a reduced number of posts. I will try to use writing - blogging - as a break from other writing projects, if that helps me continue with my other work.

I will also use this as my travel blog again, so look for posts from and about Europe in the near future.

Until then, I'll see you on the other side.

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