Monday, August 6, 2012

Livet - Life

These past two weeks, I have been astounded by how much a single healthy relationship can change everything. I've begun to pursue a young lady, and even in these early stages of pre-official relationship, things are changing rapidly. I feel so much better, happier, more enthusiastic, more hopeful, less lonely.

The last few days especially have impressed on me that a search for truth is something that is lived more than something that is pondered; experienced rather than elucidated. I have come further living in two weeks than I had thinking in three and a half years.

There is a place and time for meditation and reflection. But that place and time is not the place or time for action and the leap of faith. There is also a place and time to do, to become and be rather than to plan and prepare.

A leap into the dark does not become easier by thinking about it, nor can it be accomplished by anything other than the jump itself. This is true in business, love, work (especially bitter work), exercise, singing, and in spiritual matters. The value is in the doing of it. The change comes from the doing of it; contemplation is insufficient.

It is a sweet and focusing revelation - to live.  

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