Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100th Post!

My first and biggest announcement: I have launched a new company! Our website is live at, though I intend to change that to very soon. Either way, each address should, in the very near future, take you to the same homepage.

The last two weeks saw me cloistered in my bedroom office, learning how to create such a website. It was definitely a blessing; I didn't (don't) have enough capital to pay for website design, so getting one up was, to me, miraculous. I feel like I had a lot of divine help there.

And, from there, things have kept going more and more quickly! An artist signed onboard as our art director; one of my editors volunteered to be the magazine lead, some local publicity events in St. Louis have come together, we've started editing our first manuscript. The ball is rolling!

My next main event is to go back out to Utah for the LTUE Writing Conference at BYU/UVU, where we'll pitch our publishing house to authors. Hopefully, I'll be able to set up a booth at another Utah Conference as well.

In sum: many blessings, all the time. 

Happy 100th post!


  1. If you're looking for more publicity, BYU has a publishing fair on March 7. If you have a rep here and if you talk to the editing department, you might be able to get a booth.

    1. Congrats, Brett! Webpage looks great! Good luck!